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Welcome to our little family…

We are very much a family business and we all love our gin – we even have a Golden Retriever – aptly named Ginny!

In Beginning

We started our gin journey back in 2018 when we visited a small craft distillery in Devon. We were fascinated by the method of production and decided to find out more.
Visits to exhibitions, training courses and of course more distilleries and tastings (well someone had to do it) followed until finally, we came upon what we consider to be the perfect recipe.


The Opportunity

Then Covid-19 arrived and lockdown! This gave us the opportunity to further develop our product and Spirit of Glastonbury was born


Our Botanicals

The nine botanicals that make up Spirit of Glastonbury have been carefully chosen to complement each other and bring out the very essence of what we consider to be a true Somerset gin: Apples from Somerset’s traditional orchards; Juniper berries (the main component in gin); Cinnamon; Coriander; Liquorice; Almonds; Angelica; Orris (Iris root) and Lemon Peel. The quantities are of course a carefully guarded secret!


Our Water

Our Spirit of Glastonbury gin is distilled with natural spring water drawn from St George’s Spring, deep beneath the mystical Glastonbury Tor in the heart of Somerset.


Every bottle of Spirit of Glastonbury gin has been lovingly distilled using our copper still Guinevere. We distil in small batches and each bottle is hand written with the batch number. This means that sometimes there may be a subtle variation in flavour from batch to batch – rather like a fine wine – we think this makes it rather special.


Our Bottle

We chose our unusual bottle shape because it follows the lines of the ancient hill named Glastonbury Tor. Each bottle is wax sealed and labelled by hand. As a family business we take immense pride in what we do which makes every bottle unique.

What is Glastonbury Tor and why is it on our label?

Glastonbury Tor is a natural hill rising to a height of 158M (518 feet) and is topped by the 700 year old tower of St Michael. It is said to be one of the most spiritual sites in the country, steeped in history and legend. It is this mystical tower that features on our label, and the water that rises from beneath the Tor used in our gin. From its summit can be viewed the counties of Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire as well as the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey which is reputed to be the final resting place of King Arthur. Legend tells us that Joseph of Arimathea visited Glastonbury and buried the Holy Grail just below the Tor. The famous Glastonbury Festival is held in the village of Pilton a few miles away and the Tor can clearly be seen from the site. Natural spring water rises from deep beneath the Tor and it is from this that Spirit of Glastonbury gin is made




Somerset Craft Distillery Ltd

Barton Lower Farm

Barton St David

Somerset, TA11 6GS, UK

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