42% spirit of glastonbury

Handcrafted in small batches, our gin boasts nine botanicals including apples from Somerset’s historic orchards. Read More …

57% Navy strength

Make no mistake – at 57% ABV (100 UK proof) our Navy Strength Gin definitely needs a mixer, but don’t let that put you off, it’s well worth the mix! Read More …

"Somerset gin that's truly a cut above the rest..."

Here at Somerset Craft Distillery we are passionate about our gin. We use the finest botanicals from trusted farmers from around the world and wherever possible the UK. Our apples are grown in Somerset’s traditional orchards and the water we use to cut the gin is drawn from deep beneath the mystical Glastonbury Tor.

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Each bottle is delivered direct to your door, wax sealed. protected by its own air filled pouch and securely boxed.

With the magic of the Spirit of Glastonbury enclosed.


Gin is all about the botanicals...

We select the finest.
No shortcuts.
No compromises.

Now come taste the quality of our Gin!


Our gin is Hand-crafted in Small Batch

This means that we only distil a limited quantity at a time and the flavour will vary slightly from
batch to batch. Each bottle has its own hand written batch number on the label – just like a fine wine.

Apple – From Somerset’s traditional orchards are pressed then dried. As a botanical they add a floral and fruity note.

Almonds – Adds dryness and mouthfeel.

Coriander Seed – The second most important botanical in gin. They have a citrus, spicy quality which adds body and intensity.

Liquorice Root – The name derives from the Greek meaning ‘Sweet Root’ and is 30-50 times sweeter than sugar. Used sparingly it ads sweetness and ‘mouthfeel’ to a gin.

Botanicals really worth shouting about!

Here’s a little breakdown that we prepared

Juniper – Is a conifer which provides the one essential ingredient for gin – Juniper Berries.
The berries are not actually berries but fleshy seed cones that provide gin with its piny and resinous flavour.

Cinnamon – Sourced from the bark of a small evergreen tree, true cinnamon is usually sold as dried quills.  It adds a subtle spicy feel to the gin. Not to be confused with cheaper cassia bark.

Angelica Root – also known as ‘Wild Celery’ is part of the carrot family. Adds an earthy wood dry note and also helps to marry the flavours together.

Orris Root – The root os the Iris plant. Adds an earthy sweetness with notes of violet but is used for its fixative properties to bind the flavours together.

Lemon Peel – Exudes an essential oil which gives a citrus overtone.

That’s Spirit of Glastonbury! 

Cocktails with a Somerset twist

The traditional glass for a gin & tonic is the Copa Glass – it’s a big balloon glass that lets the aromas of the drinks botanicals filter through thus enhancing the flavour. If you don’t have one of these then a large wine glass is a good substitute.

Add the ice first – and make it a lot! The more ice you use the slower it will melt and dilute your drink. Swirl it around to cool the surface of the glass and you are ready to add the gin and start making your cocktail. We have chosen four recipes and reproduced them below including our own brand new one we have named ‘The Glastonbury’ – why not give it a try?


50ml of Spirit of Glastonbury
100 – 150ml of Indian Tonic Water
Fresh Ice (cubed)
A twist of lime peel

50ml of Spirit of Glastonbury
100 – 150ml of Aromatic Tonic Water
Fresh Ice (cubed)
A twist of Orange peel

Apple gin cocktail

50ml Spirit of Glastonbury
Slice of Fresh Root Ginger.
Sprig of Fresh Mint
60ml Apple Juice

Place a goodly quantity if cubed ice in a glass and gently swirl around to cool the glass. Add 50ml of Spirit of Glastonbury gin, and the slice of root ginger. Add 60ml of apple juice and garnish with mint and a slice of fresh apple.

Try Our Special Cocktail

35ml Spirit of Glastonbury
5ml Pomona (Somerset Apple Brandy Liqueur)
10ml Dry White Vermouth
100ml Indian Tonic Water

Slice of Fresh Eating Apple
Slice of Fresh Lime
Fresh Mint Garnish.

Place a goodly quantity of cubed ice into a glass and gently swirl around to cool the glass.

Pour 35ml Spirit of Glastonbury gin over the ice and add 5ml of Pomona.

Add 10ml of dry Vermouth and top up with 100ml of Indian tonic water. Drop in a  slice of apple and a slice of lime.

Shake or stir well. Garnish with fresh mint.

We are very excited to introduce the latest edition to our family

Just don’t leave anything of value in the same room unsupervised!

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