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Made in Somerset

Navy Strength 57% ABV

At 57% ABV (100 proof) our Navy Strength is a cut above the rest. At this strength you certainly need a mixer and those botanicals really shine through. Give your taste buds a treat!

What is Navy Strength?

The history of Navy Strength gin can be traced back to the 16th Century. While the enlisted men subsisted on rum, Royal Navy officers drank gin.

The gin was stored in wooden barrels together with the gunpowder below deck. In case the barrels of gin started leaking and soaking into the gunpowder, the alcohol content had to be at least 57% (100 proof), anything below this and the gunpowder would not burn.

What does the term Alcohol Proof mean?

The term ‘proof’ stems from the British Royal Navy. Gin brought on board by

merchants was mixed with gun powder. If the powder burned with a bright flame it was ‘proof’ that the alcohol was of sufficient strength so as not to affect the gunpowder if accidentally spilled during battle. This strength was denoted as 100 proof which is the equivalent of 57% Alcohol By Volume (ABV).


This unusual gin makes a wonderful gift – why not add a bottle of our ‘NAVY Strength’ to your Shopping Basket Now.


Spirit of Glastonbury 57%

NAVY strength (50cl) Somerset

Every bottle of our NAVY Strength Gin has been hand crafted in small batches and lovingly distilled in the same way as our Spirit of Glastonbury 42%, using our copper still named Guinevere. Every bottle is hand written with its batch number.

‘In fact our NAVY Strength IS Spirit of Glastonbury – but stronger!’

With less water added during distillation, the higher ABV gives it a different flavour and a punch which really lets those botanicals shine through!

‘At this strength you definitely need a mixer!’

Try pouring 50ml over cubed ice topped up with 150ml of your favourite tonic
finished with a slice of lime – Sensational!

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